Digital Business

We provide consultancy services for business enterprises and assist in conceptualizing and implementing innovative e-business and ICT-solutions. With our work, we achieve significant efficiency increases in all processes – internally as well as between companies.

Tailor-made and secure IT solutions for versatile applications

Digital transformation and new IT technologies are creating a lot of opportunities for companies. Examples include innovative products for new target groups, cheaper yet better processes, more intelligent communication with customers and greater automation. Businesses can tap into these opportunities by leveraging innovative, connected solutions based on big data and artificial intelligence as well as cloud and online platforms.

The right strategy and IT infrastructure are essential building blocks for companies to succeed and remain competitive. Outlining clear benefits for the company, its customers and its partners is key to ensuring successful applications.

We use future-proof strategies and innovative IT solutions to help you exploit the opportunities that digitalization offers. Key sectors for Digital Business include insurance, manufacturing, mobility services and energy.

Our Digital Business researchers focus on:

  • Digitalization strategies and solutions,
    including innovation networks, future scenarios, benchmarks, new business radars, blockchain applications and seminars on data science
  • Data-based automation solutions and artificial intelligence,
    including automation, digital assistants, machine learning processes, knowledge-based workspaces, chatbots, big data solutions
  • Cloud-based platforms and business models,
    including web-based services, smart products and services, service-oriented architectures, security and data protection
  • Integrated IT systems for the Internet of Things (IoT),
    including IoT solutions, real-time data platforms, analysis systems, control solutions, autonomous systems and smart cities
  • Corporate software and process optimization,
    including enterprise content management, management of business processes and customer relationships, master data management and enterprise resource planning, cloud solutions for various business fields
  • Intelligent and connected energy systems,
    including electromobility and charging management, reservation and planning management of electric vehicle fleets, predictive analytics, simulation and optimization, load management, procurement optimization and s
    ervice-based platforms

Our services are based on sound expertise in technologies and markets as well as cross-industry experience. Our proven methods and experienced employees ensure that projects we work on succeed. As an active member of the Fraunhofer network we possess an extraordinary range of skills . 


Big Data

We conduct comprehensive research in order to make the huge amount of data on the Internet relevant for the purposes of companies and organizations. The ability to transform big data into smart data is of tremendous importance in today's globalized economy.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing has a tremendous potential of facilitating the trade of services on the Internet. In order to leverage this potential, we focus our research on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to tranform services more and more into tradable goods. Learn more about our innovative projects on Cloud Computing and the Internet of Services here.