Get an overview over our wide range of current innovative projects or projects that have already been successfully implemented.

Cloud Computing & Internet of Services

Cloud Computing is a tool to facilitate the trade of services on the Internet tremendously. With our research on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), we contribute to the transformation of services into tradable entities in the Internet of Services.

Portals & Internet Platforms

An individually suited portal that respects the specific requirements of an organization or company will lead to process optimization and hence cost minimization. Our comprehensive research leaves us with the required expertise for developing highly effective and individualized platforms for you, despite the tremendous complexity involved.

E-Business, Digital Business & E-Standards

E-standards are a common language for exchanging data externally as well as internally. Hence, e-standards get more and more important in a globalized economy. We focus our research on finding such a common language which is vital for successful digital business and services activities.

Online-Marketing, Social Media & Monitoring

Purchasing decisions today are largely influenced by information available on the Internet. Especially social media is becoming an important tool for marketing activities, also for SMEs. We assit in leveraging this potential with you and additionally provide monitoring tools in order to assure the effectiveness of the measures undertaken.

Business Processes & Compliance

Keeping track of all ongoing business processes at any time is an enormously complex task. However, this ability is directly linked to business success. We are focusing our research on automating and optimizing business processes and furthermore make sure that the requirements of compliance are met.

ICT for E-Mobility and Cities

ICT has a lot of potential to foster the distribution of new, green future technologies. Our research in this field focuses on creating smart networks that increase economic efficiency and and thereby lead to an wider acceptance of green, energy efficient technologies and means of transportation.

Big Data, Business Intelligence & Monitoring

The ability to filter strategically relevant data out of the mass of data on the Internet is directly linked to business success. We develop innovative Business Intelligence processes and smart monitoring tools for you to turn Internet platforms into service platforms for smart data.

Semantics, Ontologies & Web Mining

In today's Web 2.0, web mining is getting more and more complex due to the mere amount of data available (big data). We conduct research to facilitate web mining by constructing smart and innovative knowledge infrastructures with the aid of ontologies. Furthermore we create new semantic search systems to improve the usability of information on the Internet.

Business Models

Business Process Modeling (bpm) aims at optimizing business performance by conceptualizing the internal structure and the value chain or companies. Our innovative research approach integrates the latest ICT into the modelling process and hence assures a comprehensive approach and an optimal outcome for companies and organizations.

Market Research & Benchmarking

Coducting objecitive market research and providing our findings to companies and organizations is one of our major concerns. Our comprehensive, current and high-quality data will assits businesses in making reasonable and economic benchmarking decisions based on science.


AutoID and especially RFID technologies are valuable sources of optimizing logistical processes internally and externally. However, particularly small and medium size enterprises (SME) do barley use these technologies for comissioning or inventory purposes. Our research aims at making these technologies more suitable for SMEs and at developing innovative applications for companies in general.