iCC-intelligent comfort class

The aim of the project »iCC« was the support of caterers through the development of a new logistical concept as well as through innovative service offers for passengers. Especially, the conception of innovative digital services providing a higher-level flight experience played an important role. Additionally, services for people with disabilities were integrated. The goals were implemented on the basis of mobile data media and a self-developed portal for order management.

Today, airline catering enterprises are facing severe competitive pressure, the impacts of the economic crisis and increased expectations of passengers. In particular, it is called for lower prices as well as for more security, comfort and punctuality. The project proposal is characterized and distinguished by the parallel verification in the trial operations.

Work of the Fraunhofer IAO

The project work is focused on the development of mobile interfaces for the different actors in the system and on the creation of business and service concepts in the context of the project focus. The main scientific and technological objectives of the individual cases are defined as follows:

  • Conception and creation of a demonstrator for trade fairs.
  • Development of an innovative logistical concept including a field test demonstrator.
  • Modeling and conceptualization of digital services as elements of innovative business models.
  • Conceptualization and development of user concepts for an innovative panel for the support of passenger related services (PAX-Panel).

These are based on longtime project experience in the field of process integration, standardization, realization of prototypes and service engineering. They add to the results of the project partners B&W (hardware development), open4business (server backend) and AIDA (products for people with disabilities) in an ideal way.


The Fraunhofer IAO develops a user interface concept for the mobile end devices of the demonstrator in the context of the realization of the project. These are implemented throughout the whole catering process. The process includes commissioning, transport and procedures in the aircraft cabin.

Considering the various requirement profiles for the users, a target group analysis was carried out. This serves as reference for the design of the user front tend. A style guide

contains concrete information and details about the structure and layout of the screen (like color and size definitions). The user interface is also realized by the IAO. On the basis of experience from the first project phase and previous projects in the field of airline logistics, innovative service concepts for the application of digital services in the area of aircraft catering  are developed in the course of the project. As of now, the passenger is accompanied by an innovative digital program, which provides enhanced travel comfort. A mobile end device guides through the different services in the areas of entertainment, purchase and flight support. Furthermore, the catering internal processes before, during and after the flight are supported with logistical concepts.


Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy


January 2009 – March 2011