The project »openXchange« aimed at implementing the Internet of Services in the field of damage management. Regulation often involves small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) like experts and craftspeople. In the insurance business, a trend can be observed towards electronic processing of the regulatory processes.

The aim of »openXchange« was to enable all companies involved to participate in the regulatory processes, as well as to increase the quality of cooperative work. Thus, »openXchange« has created an organizational and technical reference solution for the regulatory network of the future. Here it was drawn on the results in the TEXO environment in order to deploy and extend the basics of service networks profitably.

  • Creation of services on an open platform for application solutions that can be introduced and operated cost-efficiently. These services will moreover facilitate an easy and comprehensive application by SMEs (key word Software-as-a-Service).
  • Creation of open reference projects and procedures as well as industry-wide open standards for electronic documents and interfaces for the integration of SMEs.
  • Creation of technical and functional solutions for quality assurance and for an increase in transparency.
  • Provision of professional know-how (like for example the calculation of damages and process operations) in the framework of software services and knowledge management systems.
  • A neutral solution provides industry-wide advantages, as proprietary solutions impede an open regulatory market. A crucial success factor of »openXchange« is the user acceptance of all parties involved, which is secured on the basis of a fair play approach.

Content / Methodology

The expenses for the regulation of material damage in Germany were about 11, 4 billion Euros in 2007. Examples for this are the regulation of weather damages like hail, lightning, fire caused by lightning, storms and floods. An important role in these regulatory processes play especially medium-sized enterprises- mainly craft enterprises like bricklayers, roofers, floor layers, plumbers, electricians and others.

Electronic processing of regulatory processes

In the framework of the optimization of regulatory processes by big companies like insurances and loss adjusters, a trend towards an electronic processing of regulatory processes is observable. Here it is necessary to support all companies involved to participate in these new electronic regulatory processes, regardless of extensive IT investments and technological and professional know-how.

Use of service network concepts from TEXO

In the framework of the THESEUS program, the basis for a service economy in the Internet was already initiated in the use case TEXO. TEXO created the technological and organizational preconditions to turn Internet services into tradable goods and to combine them to added value services. In »openXchange«, this basis was implemented and extended profitably.


Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy in the framework of the »THESEUS MITTELSTAND 2009« program


July 2009 – June 2011