The research project Texo was part of THESEUS, a research program that was initiated by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy. THESEUS aimed at developing a new internet-based knowledge infrastructure in order to facilitate the use of the knowledge available on the Internet. Within this framework, Texo contributed to the creation of a service economy by developing components for the infrastructure of business webs in the Internet of Services.

Services offered via the internet serve a dual purpose: With their help, consumers and technical systems are able to obtain business functions that are provided by partner companies. Texo sought to offer a platform that allows for both trading services on the Internet and for their combination to value-added services, whereby customized services ought to be integrated into the user environment.

Content / Method

The research focus of Texo was on web-based services that are obtained via the internet. Their automation is realized with the aid of technical services (e.g. Web Services). Texo considers the entire lifecycle of technical services and services in general, from the development to the use via intuitive interfaces and technical systems. The innovation of services (including for example leveraging the potential for synergies of internet communities), their design, development, provision, composition, and supply is a process involving not only commercial service providers and hosts, but also service users like individuals and organizations. Only by taking an interdisciplinary approach, the creation of an integrated platform is ensured that respects all participants und supports all stages of the lifecycle.

The IAO described and evaluated use cases together with SAP and other partners and developed concepts and tools for the support of the different stages of innovation in the service creation process.

In particular, one core task consisted in the support of innovating companies with the aid of internet based search technologies and methods (»Innovation Mining«).

Moreover, the IAO developed methods and tools for the holistic modeling of services.


Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy


February 2007 – January 2011

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